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Default Re: TotalBet and UKBetting have took money from my Account

This has happened to a number of us. There was apparently a mistake made while they where tidying things up with pending bonus money that had not been used. It happened about a week ago (the 2nd) and they (Ecash) originally told me it had happened on about 10,000 accounts. I've been calling every couple of days and getting nowhere.

I sent an E-mail to the casino mgr at both sites on Thurs. and finally recieved replies today (Mon.). Darren is apparently the casino mgr at both sites and both e-mails were exactly the same and stated what I already knew, that they had removed unused bonus money from peoples accts. It also stated that the money had come from the "non-withdrawable" portion of these accts. I replied that a mistake had been made and the money actually came out of the withdrawable part of my account. We'll see what happens
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