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Default Re: HU against a \"PT\'er\"

I'm arguing this one half because I believe in the call, and half because I wanna be talked out of it.

It's just that for me, BD + BD + thin overcards+iso-aggression is going to equal a call a lot of the time. It is damned thin, no arguing with that. And the argument that we're going to feel happier next time we have a hand kinda sucks cause this guys a couple hands to our left. Iso-aggression is going to cause us more problems from that table-coach than finding the hand to play into after playing "weak". If I can't raise my semi-nice hands from MP into most of the limp-passive, good tables... well, I might just have to find another table.

If any of you guys advocating fold here opened up villains range from 99-TT+ to mid-pairs (66+, weighted), is this a call?
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