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Default Re: $22 - 99 on a paired board

Hrm. MP3's bet means jack [censored]. When it's paired like that and someone overbets the pot, he's just trying to steal.

I flat call cause he's drawing to 6 outs at most against me. Pushing is bad because it doesn't do anything for me. I get called if one of the blinds flopped trips, and fold out hands that would have folded anyway.

I don't know where I stand in this hand relative to the blinds, and I don't particularly care at this point. He'll telegraph his hand to me soon enough. He'll either c/r the flop, in which case I can get away, or check the turn going for a c/r. MP3 will of course check, and I check behind. Then the blind would almost certainly lead the river.

Most of the time the blinds fold anyway, so it's irrelevant. Then MP3 checks to me on the turn, and I pick the pot up with a bet. suhweet. I flat call the flop so I don't risk more than I have to, and then let the blind tell me if he has trips.
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