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Default (LC) 1st time 10-tabling single 19\' monitor

What a cluster-f#$*

I only made 3 glaring errors, such as folding in the BB, with 225 chips at the 75-150 level. Another was failing to notice that 4 more players had been knocked out, and my UG was actually the CO, and folded A9s, with <7xBB. Last was folding 99, when I didnt realize we were 3 handed, and someone who had me covered pushed.

It was only the 10$s until I get a better grasp. I plan to 6-8 table the 33$s at some point soon. But playing 10 tables sure does cure me of playing too many hands like AJ early, and getting too aggressive with 5-6 players left.

I havent felt this disoriented since I worked at a K-mart during christmas back in HS.

that is all/ [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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