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Default Re: Question on all in situations

Thanks for the replies guys. I ask because I was at a home game last week and this situation arose. The AK guy bitched and moaned about it, claiming it was against the rules (everyone pretty much told him he was full of it) and how it was rude. Of course he was Mr. "I'm wearing sunglasses even though we're playing a $20 buy in tourney where half the room is drunk". I was happy because he lost the hand and hit the rail. I knew it was legit rule wise, but didn't know if there was some etiquette violation. I didn't say anything because I wasn't involved in the hand and I only knew about 4 out of 20 people there.

I always enjoy it when the know it all table coach and his sunglasses bust out of a tourney when he thinks we should all be bowing to his poker knowledge. Especially when they aren't nearly as good as they think (read weak tight).
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