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Default Emergency Vegas Road Trip

I thought I was going to have to wait for the seminar on the 26th to go to Las Vegas, but an opportunity to hit the road came up. My boss and I are planning to hit the town in his barely noticeable jet black '70 Coupe de Ville with wide whites and Idaho plates with a ship designation sometime tomorrow. Honk if you see us. Probably will play mostly at Bellagio. Might hit some other places though. Will look for Clarkmeister and Dynasty again. Last time there was a young maniac who knew what he was doing in my Bellagio 8-16 who had an Illini hat. I asked if it was Clarkmeister and the guy looked at me like I had three heads. It wasn't him, but there must be something about people who favor the Illini. Hope to meet anybody or see those I have met. You pros in the Bellagio 15 game will get a shot at a bit of my cash I think. I'll try not to make it too easy.
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