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Default Re: What poker game should I focus on (limit HE, pot Omaha, etc.)

Quicksilvre is 100% correct.

The answer to how long your strategy will grind out a small profit at the lower limits (.50/1 thru 2/4, maybe 3/6) is simply this. As long as there are games, your approach will beat those games; you won't win much but you'll win at a very steady pace - swings will be minimal.

Keywords: As long as there are games

By the end of '06 there will be far fewer games of N-L online and most of those that remain will either be very small (.25/.50 or thereabout) or tough for the non-expert to beat - "good" will no longer get it done at what few games off 5-10, 10-20 blind that survive.

N-L is the "in" game - TV is a powerful ally.


I have written here of both my distaste for and my failure to excel at N-L; those of you choose to use these as excuses to take my euology for N-L with a grain of salt be my guest.

Meet 'ya back here in 365 days - I'll bring my "what was I thinking" tee-shirt.

I said I'll BRING it - be assured I won't be wearing it.
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