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Default Re: Why do you play no-limit? Why do you play limit?

So to summarize:
According to some limit is more boring
According to others no limit is more boring
Some consider limit to be more difficult
Others auto play 8 limit tables
Some say limit has the highest variance
Others claim this for no limit

As far as I can tell: most play the game which suits them best and think the other game (being limit or no limit) is "worse".

Has anyone of you looked at the mathematical definition of variance? If so, can you still claim that limit has higher variance? Because I think it is not possible for a limit (fixed sized bets) betting game to have higher variance than the same mathematical game with variable bet sizes.

A 300 bb downswing in limit is pretty rare for a good player, and will take a very long time to overcome. In no limit a 300 bb "downswing" can occur in a few hands. For example getting your entire stack all in pre flop with AA and lose to JQ or crap. The same goes for upswings.
So following this line of thought combined with the formula for variance, I'd say that no limit is more swingier.

Please prove me wrong.
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