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Default Re: Question about showing cards in NL holdem.


ok this is the question, player A goes all-in and everyone folds to player B, after a while he (B) shows his cards and player A says thats a fold.

Player B disagree, he's saying he can show his cards since player A have no chips left to play with.

Who's right here ?

[/ QUOTE ]
It's my understanding that your hand can be shown if they're are only 2 players left in the hand

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I found the rule from Robert's rules and apparantly the tourney has to be down to only 2 players remaining before this action is allowed. Here's the rule from the section 15

"22. Showing cards from a live hand during the action injures the rights of other players still competing in an event, who wish to see contestants eliminated. A player in a multihanded pot may not show any cards during a deal. Heads-up, a player may not show any cards unless the event has only two remaining players, or is winner-take-all. If a player deliberately shows a card, the player may be penalized (but his hand will not be ruled dead). Verbally stating one’s hand during the play may be penalized."
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