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Default Re: What poker game should I focus on (limit HE, pot Omaha, etc.)

If you're playing from a bankroll of $10,000 or less I'd say there is probably as much to be earned playing limit as there is playing N-L.

In any situation where there is at most a nominal disparity in earning potential I'd suggest you do what you enjoy; once you hit a certain point a few dollars per hour more or less just doesn't amount to anything of significance; if "X" pays 20% less hourly than "Y" but you enjoy "Y", just play a few more hours per day or live a little less large.

If I were asked this by someone to whom the aforementioned last dollar was as important to them as oxygen I'd have to advise them to play N-L.

However, as you build your stake to the point where the best game (BR-wise) for you is closing in on being an unqualified "the biggest game I can find" N-L breaks away as the only choice.

At this moment in time the potential earn of a very good N-L player is almost infinite; I didn't realize this until recently (VERY recently in fact) but my tardiness in discovering this does not make it any less true.

I asked in jest on this forum just a few days back if the OP (sorry, name escapes me) was claiming that there would be a sizable number of people clearing a million dollars from online N-L cash games in '06.

I will now give a serious answer to that playful question.

Depending on your definition of "sizable" the answer is either probably, yes, or hell yes.

A very good (he need not even be great) N-L 1,000 or N-L 2,000 player who puts in 200 hours/month can view this as a realistic (if lofty) goal; if he can aquit himself in tournaments it becomes even more attainable. (That said, let's be real - we are talking $400/hr for 2,500 hours). Limit games big enough to allow for this accomplishment do exist but they are far fewer in number. Also, there are alot of really weak players seated at 1k and 2k N-L; while there are some soft spots at 30-60/50-100 (limit) they seem to be much fewer in number.

I hope that helped.

- Chris


P.S. I am much better at limit than N-L; I also despise N-L. I'm not sure whether the chicken or the egg came first but I am sure that my distaste for the game will keep me from getting good at it anytime soon; I am equally sure that my current deficiency at it will keep me from liking it anytime soon.

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