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Default An embarrassing post

I hate to admit this, but for the longest time I though thrust was air pushing off of air. I thought a rocket blasted off by the massive thrust pushing the rocket away from the ground. As it climbed into the air I assumed air has some density so the rocket now had sufficient momentum to push off the air.

Of course I now realize this is all wrong. Thrust has nothing to do with "pushing" as in a water rocket. But I honestly still don't get it. I know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but I can't grasp what thrust uses for its opposing force if not the ground or air?

I've tried researching this on the web, but everything I've found is technically beyond me. Is there a thrust or aviation book for dummies? A physics for dummies would be a great book! I love this stuff, but it's beyond my grasp. Don't get me started on after-burners. It gets real ugly. It sucks to be uneducated.
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