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Default Re: A more retarded hand of PLO8 you wont see in a long time.

Why don't you just simply ask your own mistakes? You were GAMBLING with potentially little edge on the flop, you were ENTIRELY gambling for half of it on the turn. This is not a winning player's attitude or plays, and when you win it's because you are against very poor players most of the time.

Good luck.

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LOL, this post is perfect for showing the ignorance of the general player in PLO8. In a 4 handed game, could you please explain how 63% equity is a "little edge" thanks. If you can successfully explain this, I am perfectly prepared to give you $5,000

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I agree with the flavor of Ribbo's post if not the delivery style. I think one of the keys to playing successful PLO8 is to be able to get better rough estimates of equity at the table than your opponents. I think the reason PLO8 is such a good game to be playing right now is that MOST opponents (even players that seem fairly solid for the most part) will not even be able to pick out favorites or estimate equity hardly at all if you give them all the hands face up for a given flop. If they can't come close face up, then how in the world are they going to have a prayer with the cards hidden.

Today I had a guy complain about my lucky hit for getting all in against him with Ac Kc Js 8s against his Jh Th 9s 7d on a board of Jc Tc 3h when I rivered the broadway. I am a 9 to 5 favorite when the money goes in, but he will just chalk it up to his bad luck and rebuy convinced he is a solid player. Can you imagine playing holdem and a guy thinking JT is a favorite over AK preflop? This is an equivalent mistake. If I turned my hand face up, that guy would have gladly put all his chips in the pot anyway, but would he do that with JT versus an exposed AK in holdem preflop? I doubt it.