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Default picture it like beads

Suppose there's all these, like, randomly scattered beads. They all have an eye, and everyone has a thread through everyone else's bead. All the threads are slack.

So you go out, and you weave your thread through all the beads up and down your supply chain, alongside everybody else's thread. But then you yank your thread tight, that's the payment!

The information payment locks up the matrix, and inflates it, and makes it rigid. As long as you are pumping information payment outwards in the opposite direction, the whole chain will line up and polarize, and crystallize inflexibly, in your direction.

Today, the whole marketplace is slack. Some high-tech, targeted payment, could whip the whole thing into shape, and introduce some partitions, in your favor, pursuant to your design.

String that payment thread, and yank it!

Did I eat too much chocolate this morning?

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