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Default Re: Trying to learn PLO

Your initial raise is debatable and depends on the character of the table. Your raise is good if there are decent stacks and they are going to call OR if you have a good chance to get it heads up and pick up the pot on most flops. The raise is NOT good if you're going to play against a small field that isn't likely to pay you off if you hit.

The reasons to raise preflop in PLO are:
#1: To build a pot when your hand is a favorite.
#2: To cause opponents to misjudge your hand or misplay theirs post-flop.
#3: To clean up your flush outs with strong drawing hands (like 9TJQds).

When you're reraised you must realize that 99% of the time you are looking at aces. You have an EASY fold unless both you and your opponent have stack sizes equal to 8.5x the current bet to you minus whats in the pot. And that is IFF you know your opponent will go broke with aces on a K-high flop and you won't go broke with your kings on an 222 flop.

Notice you can call with much more ease with the much-underrated (but much loved by me) 2 pair hand.
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