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Default Re: Trying to learn PLO

I am not that fund of that the call pre-flop after the pot reraise.
That smells like AA, but it strongly depends on the level of the players at the table.

The flop play is pretty straight forward i think. You have the best hand here and if the re-raiser had not bet i would bet pot. I dont think that your action, calling or raising, will be effect if
UTG+2 folds or calls since a call in your case will almost signal more strength then a raise.

I would put the players on hands like these:
re-raiser: As Ax Xs Xx (31%)
UTG+2: 6x 7x 8x 9x (23%)

Meaning that you would be a 46% favourite with a strong redraw if the flush/str8 came on the turn.

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