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Default Trying to learn PLO

I have been dabbling with PLO on Stars, and have good success on weak tables, but I have gotten killed a couple of times when my table selection isn't good.

Last night I sat down at a $.50/$1 table where I considered several of the players decent but not great, when the following hand came up.

UTG and UTG+1 fold, two callers, I raise to $5 with KhKdTd8d, cut-off calls, button folds, SB calls, BB folds, UTG+2 calls, and next guy raises to $31. I call, as does UTG+2. 3 to the flop for $103.

Flop is 5s, 4h, Ks. UTG+2 checks, re-raiser goes all-in for $61.90. I push my remaining stack ($119.75), which puts UTG+2 all-in also, and he calls.

The results of the hand don't matter, as my pre-flop call, and my push on the flop are what I am interested in. How poorly did I play this? I had the best hand post-flop, but I was certainly vulnerable.

Any comments/criticisms would be appreciated.
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