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Default Re: A thing of beauty is a joy forever

I'd often raise here preflop, though I understand why you didn't. I think raising some marginal hands out of position makes me look like less of a nit as well as making it easier to get short stacks in preflop when I do have aces. Also, big pots are more fun.

With smaller stacks and KQJ9 I think you have an easy flop reraise. Even if you were to get all-in as a small dog to middle set and some blockers, it would get you paid off in the future. But this is a bad idea in your situation.

If Foe bets 250-300 on the turn I think your hand is good more often than when he bets 100. I don't know that I could find a fold in your place.

Assuming Foe bets 500 in every case, what's the worst river card you'd need to call? A king is obviously good enough and I wouldn't lose sleep over folding your straight, but I think a J and 9 both put you in a tougher spot.
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