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Default Big Game at Sam\'s Town?

Gossip here I come.

I got off the phone with a friend of mine in Vegas, who is a friend of a dealer at Sam's Town, who has 100x odds at craps. Well, the third-hand rumor is that guys like Brunson and Reese, and maybe others, were there, taking advantage of the high odds. Even though they were losing, Sam's Town decided to lower the max odds to like 25x or 50x to lessen their exposure.

Moreover, the RUMOR has it that they were playing something like 4000-8000 there, because they were looking for a non-descript place to play, away from the strip.

Anybody know anything that either confirms or denies these rumors? Again, I stress that this is all third-hand info, and may be totally incorrect. But hey, it's the gossip forum....

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