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Default Crimson Challenge Round 3

OK. Lot of interest from a few different geographies: midwest, pac NW, texas, canada, to name a few. Multiple can happen concurrently if the challenges are right.

I will post the updated pledge and challenge list in this thread later today.

In the meantime, those of you who are looking to do some challenges, please start tossing out your ideas in this thread so we can decide on challenges and location(s) for Round Three.

Let me say this. In general, consumption challenges are starting to get a little played out. Now, the 20oz of Dave's hot sauce, that I might want to see. But, in general, consumption challenges are probably going to get less financial support now, as they are losing their novelty. 1-on-1 competitive challenges are among the types of thing that might be interesting.

Sucker rehashed my prior suggestion of flour, a consumption challenge I do like a lot. Matt Flynn mentioned some nonsense about a blocked intestine or something. Any of you medical folks want to comment on flour-eating considerations? I have eaten a lot of cake, cookies, bread, and pizza before without any problem, so how dangerous can uncooked flour really be?

Still need to finalize pledge commitments in the CC2 thread. Will also do that later today once all committee members have chimed in on all challenges.
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