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Default Re: Crazy Poker - never got signed up for affiliate rakeback deal

1/2 and 2/4 are not mid limits.

Unless you're playing 8 tables of 2/4 because you need money in a hurry, you're going to be much better off working on improving your game than trying to multitable.

Rakeback starts to become more valuable than some bonuses at 3/6.

Interesting calculation: Playing full ring, the max rakeback people get is in the region of 25% of 1/10th of $3 = 7.5 cents a hand (and that's with max rake on every pot)

Rakeback is more useful for 6max players - 12.5 cents a hand with max rake

Rakeback is for high volume players who don't have bonuses left to clear high limit players who don't have the game selection available at their usual limits on many bonus offering sites.
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