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Default Re: Poker

As someone who whores the Boss Media/Sporting Bet poker rooms religiously as soon as they are created, I can answer this. The actual limits you play at don't matter; all you have to do is play 500 contributed raked hands. I'd also recommend limit over NL if you're going to be playing microlimits to clear this because limit rakes for each $0.20 in the pot (so basically every pot is going to be raked) while NL only rakes for each dollar.

These rooms are great for a nice quick 500% bonus on a $20 deposit, and as long as you have at least a basic grasp of what you're doing are pretty good for starting up a bankroll. And you can play up to 5 tables at a time and they have 5-handed tables, so if you're crazy you can clear this in no time flat.
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