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Default Re: I want to try something I haven\'t seen yet (network question)

If I understand what your trying to do correctly...

If you have PokerTracker on your old computer, then the new computer cannot "run" pokertracker. What you need to do is run pokertracker from your old computer, share your handhistory folders on your new computer and point pokertracker to the share.

PlayerView or whatever program you use will then need to be re-pointed to the share on your old computer where the database is.

I'm still not even sure if this will work, but this is how it would have to be setup.

"Is it possible to host programs on one box, and run them from the other (Outlook, PT, etc.)"


"The new comp's video card does not have a DVI out. Standard monitor jack, and S vid. I'm gonna have to swap out the dual monitor card in the old box, and once I do, I don't plan on having a monitor connected to it. (Unless I go 'TILT' style and run 2 boxes, 2 monitors, and 2 mice!)"

This won't work. The computer will eventually crash, or give some error, or something that will require your intervention. How are you going to fix this if you can't see it?

If you only have 1 monitor, then get a switch box. You can get switch's that connect your keyboard, mouse and monitor to two different computers, and then you just press a button on the switch to go back and forth between the two.
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