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Default Re: A Hand vs. a Maniac (Playing for the Side Pot)

let me open by the the standard saying: "muck this pre-flop". Even for a loose style I cannot see how this hand is going to make you money out of position.

This being said, IŽd like to comment on the part where you mention being a 60% favorite. This is not correct. I followed the link the and you failed to mark the other peopleŽs hands as dead cards.

Taking away those outs, you are now a slight underdog. So even if your read on Maniac is as accurate as it can be, you are only a bit better than even money. And in those cases where he as hand, you can be anywhere from a slight dog to a massive 70% dog.

But the answer if I had also got my money in on the flop depends on Maniac really. Is he a "smart" Maniac? Has he tried to push me out of the pot earlier and I maybe called him down with a better nothing than his nothing? Does he exclude me from his bullying since then? If yes, then IŽd give him more respect. If he is a mindless Maniac then it depends on how my session went. If I feel invincible, IŽll join the fun.
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