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Default Re: Odds of 3 in a row?

Len wrote:
If the probability of getting a SPECIFIC HAND once is 1/x, then the probability of getting THAT hand three times in a row is 1/(x^3). However, the probability of getting ANY hand once is 1, so the odds of getting ANY hand three times in a row is 1 x 1/(x^2).

Correct, but the poster wasn't asking for ANY hand he was asking for Q4o, which would be 1 / (12/1326) ^ 3. Why did Bozeman say that you don't cube it because it has no priori significance? This all sounds like a word game to me. If some ask "what's the chance of getting 3 Q4o in the next 3 hands?" It is 1 / (12 / 1326) ^ 3, not 1 * (12 / 1326) ^ 2, correct? The first card is not a certainty. If I'm wrong and you have to square it, not cube, can you point me to a math website that explains this so I can get it right?


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