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Default Re: Odds of 3 in a row?

Look at it this way: he had to have some hand in the BB (p=1). This one happened to be Q4o, but if he had 62o, and then got it two more times, he'd be posting about that.

I guess a slightly more accurate calculation would be P(suited)*P(same hand two more times)+P(unsuited)*P(same hand two more times)+P(pair)*P(same hand two more times)=4/17*4/1326*4/1326+12/17*12/1326*12/1326 +1/17*6/1326*6/1326=2e-6+5.8e-5+1e-6=6.1e-5 or about 1 in 16000. Approximately the same as just the unsuited probability.

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