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Default Re: Odds of 3 in a row?

There are 12 ways to get Q4o (4 suits for the queen, 3 suits for the 4 since if it matches the Q you have Q4s).

There are 1326 possible holdem hands (51*52/2), so the chance that you will get dealt Q4o is 12/1326=0.9%.

The chance that you will be dealt it twice after you got dealt it once, is 12/1326*12/1326=1/12210, so this should happen occasionally to anyone who plays a fair amount of hold'em.

(The reason it is not proper to cube this probability is that you didn't know that this was an unusual situation until you got the hand the second time, it could have been any unsuited, unpaired hand, like 72o. Unless Q4 has some a priori significance to you.)

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