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if greenspan cuts rates again at the next meeting then clearly im right and greenspan will have admitted that was in fact wrong in his testimony before congress. having high expectations of a man that one member of congress recently venerated as "the greatest central banker in history" before greenspan testified seem to be justified. many others have venerated him similarly. in my mind you cant say hes a "the greatest central banker in history" or an "economic genius" when he is right and say he is simply fallible human being when he is wrong. im certainly not whining. sorry but i find it troubling that the head honcho at the federal reserve is so far off and apparently has been "behind the curve" for a long time. hes been very upbeat about an economic recovery that to me looks to be very sluggish at the absolute best. apparently holding a view that "the greatest central banker in history" may not be deserving of such praise angers you and causes you to attack one that doesn't share that viewpoint. should greenspan have been so aggressive in his last tightening go round? should greenspan have been more aggressive in his easing policy? i agree that the economic news isnt all bad but isnt all good either. ok greenspan hasnt been proven wrong about his very recent projections for the second half of the year. you want to make a bet that sans further rate cuts the economy doesn't meet with his projectsion of 3.0% gdp growth rate?
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