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You are making disjointed assertions here. One is that the economy is going down. Well you are entitled to that opinion, but I doubt that will be the final verdict, but fine. Then you mention all these stocks that you are dumping without regard to why govenrment trickery, as you suspect, makes a difference to your particular stocks. I can see a weak argument that they will suffer a bit if people think the economy is about to head very south, but rememeber these companies are all driven by technology first, business second. These companies are all suffering, IMO, from a lack of new products and reason to upgrade, not so much from economic woes. Its just like for consumers, if are the typical home computer user, what do you need the latest state of the art for if all you will do is surf the web and download music? Focus on that issue before you start focusing on what you picture as incompentence by Greenspan affecting the stocks because once again, don't base your stock market buying decisions based on the past.

As for the economy, why are you "teed off investor"? Government numbers are notorious for this. Besides they will change a few times more. Forget about reductions from last year, they make no difference right now except for people that want to live in the past. The future looks pretty good. Not 6.1% good, but nonetheless positive. Manufacturing is finally not a drag on the economy, the dollar has had an almost perfect devaluation (so far) that has abated right to the safe spot it is in now, and the worst of the recession seems to have passed. Besides compare the US to just about any other economy and you will see things are in far better shape. Only place that is looking better right now is Canada and we win with that too since growth there means additions to the US economy. Whether the stock market sees it with any clarity as I do, well that I can't control. However, to get upset about government revisions to GDP seems about as big a waste of energy as you can get. Only concern I see is a big terrorist act or a drawn out war with Iraq. While either is definitely in the spectrum of the possible, you can't make economic predictions based on them.
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