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Default blah - inventory symmetry reached (1121)

There should be about the same sized eggs hanging above and below the market now - at least until after lunch when they introduce some newcomers.

Of course, you can always try to trade the rangebound chop back and forth, as the opposite-side eggs try to find each other and offset in alternating waves.

Course, if another new pocket starts to emerge inside this chop, it's almost impossible to detect it. Usually, the market doesn't rise or fall in such an orderly, revelation-inventory-handoff pattern like this morning, and there are eggs breaking left and right.

With all those eggs breaking, and everybody triggering each other going back and forth, it's tough to have any idea what you can latch onto and front run - and then suddenly the market gets away from you.

I still think that missing pocket of buyers will show up after lunch, but I have to go now.

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