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Default Mason or David...

This is a message I sent to John Patrick who supposedly has a part (owner) in a book on Gin Rummy. Please let me know your thoughts on what I have sent him.

Is it true that you somehoe are involved with the book "How To Win At Gin Rummy: Playing for Fun and Profit" by Pramod Shankar, Ph.D.?

If yes, please acknowledge and respond to the following question I have:

On page 8 states "Discard of a card three ranks away by the opponent also provides a measure of safety. Suppose the opponent discard the 7h. This denies the availability of 8h and 9h to for a meld in opponent's hand (8h, 9h, if present in opponent's hand, must be tied up by other melds). For the 10h, the six meld possibilitys are then reduced to four, and it becomes a 33% safer discard."

How so? If an opponent discards the 7h, the possibility still lies that he could hold

1. 10d 10c

2. 10d 10s

3. 10s 10c

4. Jh Qh

5. 9h Jh

That is five combinations still possible out of six total. The true reduction is therefore 16.66% and not 33.33%. A very big difference!

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