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Default Re: Rolled vs paired ace door

I know I'm late posting a reply to this hand, but I'd like to anyways.

I think you need to raise 5th street, but only because of the way seat 6's board has developed. This is the kind of board that may be willing to call 2 big bets in this situation. If you were heads up, or his board was a little more uncoordinated, I usually like to wait until 6th street to raise.

The problem raising 5th street when you are heads up is that you are basically telling your opponent you have trips. If your opponent is a fairly good player he may even be able to get away from aces up on 5th. But when you wait until 6th street to raise, most players will call the raise and see if they fill. Then they usually pay off the river since they use the logic that there is so much in the pot.

If your opponent sucks then you can just go ahead and raise 5th street heads up anyways, since you know hes gonna call you down.

I thought about perhaps just calling 5th street, and then raising 6th street if it comes clean, but there is a big problem doing this. When the guy with aces on board sees 2 people calling him, hes gonna check 6th street a lot, and you'll lose that extra bet.
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