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Default Re: What would you like to see in a bar/restaurant

The best idea I had, was to model dishes after a couple of the las vegas hot spots.

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I'm curious, why you would do this?
Is the Vegas market representative of your prospective patrons? Is your area similar to Vegas? Are you going to allow gaming and stripping in your club?

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This seemed to make sense to me, Vegas has arguably some of the best food in America. Why not copy off an already good thing, it really doesnt have anything to do withe gambling/stripping in Vegas anymore.
To Diablo:
Yes we have money, not enough yet Im sure, but we will have enough eventually.

To everyone:
Yes, we will have super hot cocktail waitresses, and Id like to get good, old school, bow tie wearing, listen to all your bitching, bartenders.

As far as the naysayers, I have family that owns abotu 35 Italian restaurants around St. Louis (where the bar wil be), and th midwest, and my uncle (the one who owns it), has told me since I was knee high to a duck, the people who say you are not going to make it in teh restaurant business, are the failures, the ones who tried, and couldnt hack it. I have gotten a lot of negative reactino from people in the business, but hopefully with his tutelage, we will be alright.

PS Chicken wings can be upscale, if you spin it right [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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