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I would make sure to get in your 40 points at party though. The scratch off promo is worth it

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i'm playing SH at 1/2 and 2/4 (don't feel ready to multitable at higher limits), so is it worth playing 200 raked hands at 1/2 for a scratchcard?

Anyone know how much a scratchcard is worth?

thanks for the help.

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the scracth card itself is not worth much. I think it was estimated at 5 dollars, but you also get acces to their touchdown promo. a rough guess is it's worth 5 - 10 bucks a question. However you have to do it through the whole week.
I guess it really depends on how fast you get 200 raked hands. I get em in like half an hour, so it's definately worth it for me.
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