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Default Uderfull on the turn - Party 6 Max, $200

Here's a hand I played yesterday which is stil stuck in my craw.

I ($225) limp UTG+1 with 3c3d. Folded to the SB ($330) who calls and the Villain in the Big Blind ($220) checks. POt is $6.

My read on Villain is that he's not a moron but doesn't know what he's doing either. He too loose preflop and fairly aggressive on the flop but he slows way down on the turn and river. For you poker tracker guys, I think he's like 48, 8, 1.

Flop comes:
3h 6c Td

SB checks, Villain bets $6, I call (?), SB folds.

Pot is $18.

The turn is 6d.

SB checks. I ?

I raise the flop on a hand like this about 90% of the time.

Thoughts and comments.
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