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Default Re: Can You Call This down.

It is true that 5th street presents me with 3 hands that could all be better than mine at this point. I could be looking at aces from seat 1 or a flush draw, and from seat 2 i could be looking at a flush or draw or kings and seat 5, the wild card hand of this hand has a pair on board, so i know he is not going anywhere.

But, and this is a big but, I still belived that at this point I still had the best hand. I just wasn't certain of it becasue seat 5 is really bugging me out with his hand and position on me. Everything I do will always be before seat 5 acts and that could create problems for me.

Becasue I think I might have the best and the pot is large, I decide to play on. Perhaps a raise on 5th might have done some good stuff for me.
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