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Default Re: [censored][censored] Blind Steal

Still curious about why you didn't raise the flop.


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In hindsight, this would have been the best move. Boz said it best:

That might let you out cheaper on the turn

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At the time, I don't know how comfortable I'd have felt folding the turn UI if 3bet. I went into call down panic mode. I find I struggle in situations where both blinds call and I have a weak hand.
HU, I'm pretty sure I would have raised in a heartbeat. Top pair HU is a big hand. I suppose I felt very uncomfortable with TPWK in a 3handed pot. Especially with someone who 3bet and led out, and someone who practically coldcalled preflop and calls the 3bettors flop bet on a KQx board.

FWIW. SB showed KK and BB takes the pot with a turned straight (T9s).
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