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Default Bubble Play with KK

OK fellow 2+2ers, I seldom post but this hand got me thinking long after the tourney.

FT $24+2 with 176 starting. We are down to 19, and 18 places pay. TD just announced Hand by Hand for 3 tables. We have 7 at ours.

I had wonderful reads on everyone involved. UTG+1 was weak tight and would fold to almost any re-raise. CO was a solid TAG & we had been together for almost 40 minutes. I had a solid TAG with nothing but good cards shown for the whole time. First time I have not been caught stealing [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]! I am currently in 10th place with two players who will not survive the next BB. Avg = t13,900.

UTG+1 (t7000)
CO (t13,500)
Hero in BB (t11,200)

UTG+1 limps (t1000); CO raises to t2500;

Hero has KK in BB. What's my line?
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