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Default Re: AT flops a flush draw - how to play?

I noticed both repliers told me to raise preflop. This is completely against my line of thinking. Why raise preflop?

[/ QUOTE ]

1) To limit the number of players in the hand. Limping encourages more players (especially the blinds) to come in behind you. Most flop miss most hand, therefore I want to limit the number of hands in the flop, so if I miss and have few opponents, chances are they missed too and I can win the pot with a cont bet on the flop

2) To take control of the action. As soon as you are making your opponents react to you, NLHE is much easier. If I raised PF I can take the pot down on the flop with a cont-bet that has meaning (i.e. it represents that I have a hand)

3) To represent a bigger hand that you have.

I believe my ace is too weak,

[/ QUOTE ]

Your opponents don't know that, why tell them with a limp?

The open limper already told you his hand was weak, raise it up and put him on the defensive.

4) Hitting the flop is hard. You miss most flops, constantly limping to hit flops is a leak, unless you are really deep.

5) Easier decision later in the hand. If you represent strength once or twice in a hand and still get played back at, you can give your opponent credit for a hand and fold comfortably. If you limp often you have no clue where you are in the hand and decsiions get tougher.

6) Limping to hit a flush doesn't pay enough. If you make the flush, you rarely get paid for it as its pretty obvious what you have.

7) To win the pot PF. There is 500 in the pot when it gets to you. If you win it outright on the flop, life is good, easy chips.

8) Raising is fun

That's all I can think of right now (at work), perhaps others can add to the list.

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