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Default Re: I\'m a winning player, but I\'m too tight!

Calling raises, is very read dependent for me. If I have 50 hands on a dude who has only raised 1 before. I'll fold AQ. If he is at 15%, I'll reraise.

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Very interesting Mike, this is something that I do not do. I'm fairly new to you just keep a pokertracker session open at all times so you can reference certain players, or is there a way to import stats for players into your pokerstars notes?

I always see people referencing PFR stats. What are the typical numbers for PFR (i.e. what is considered low and high?)

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PokerTracker works best in conjunction with either GameTime+ (free) or PokerAceHud ($25). You have the villains stats displayed in a HUD overlayed on top of the table. I don't know a way to import the stats into poker stars notes though.

I see you 8 table. Jeez if I played that many at once, I'd probably play tight too! I've tried 4 and ended up being glad when I could just fold pre-flop.
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