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Default Re: $27... another hand in push fold mode... AQ

Here is my thinking process and tell me where i am wrong

Only 2 players have been eliminated so far... Last few hands have been allin and everyone folds...

If there are 4 hands in a row where it is push/fold then we know with the 100/200blinds we are getting to that stage with 7 still in. I need to find a hand soon and I may not see a better one than this for a while.

I only have 1200 chips left and after the next few hands will only have 900 left so i need to look for a chance to double up.

I put him on a range of any pair, Any ace with 9+ kicker, KQ and maybe KJ.

that makes me a conflip agisnt 10 hand
A big dog to 3 pairs
A dog to Ak
A fav to 5 other hands.

I think this makes it a true coinflip decision.

Now if i had thought about it like this before I made the call i would have folded... interesting... I figured I looked good.

I just need about 3 minutes to make decissions and i could make the right one.

I call, he shows 44 and it holds up
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