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Default Re: Stud Winrate, possible move up?

Thanks, Mike.

This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. After reading your reply, I went back through my stats from the last 7500 hands (I have them broken down by day), specifically looking for some sort of indication that my 4.05 may in fact be bloated.

I'm by no means a statistics guru, but on my worst day, I was -10.84 BB/100 (only 280 hands that day). On my best day, I was 12.35 BB/100 (520 hands that day). Those were MAJOR extremes compared to the rest of my data, and I in NO WAY am implying that I'm some kind of Uber-Player, so...

Is it possible that the games are softer now than when you were back at that level, or is 7500 hands just not a large enough sample?

Maybe I shouldn't care this much, but if there was ever a place to find out, I know this is it. Thanks again.

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