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Default Re: 5 card draw on paradise

Yes, I think it is playable. You are 38:9 (4.22:1) against hitting a flush. If you are in late position and there has been at least one limper, I think it is definitely playable. You will initially be getting 2.5 sb's on your 1 sb investment. You need to recoup 2 sb's (or 1 bb) after the draw to justify the initial call. If the table isn't tight, you can probably bank on at least one call from 1 of the 3 other players. You also may be able to win without making a flush, by making a high pair, which increases your odds a bit.

As for early position, I'm not really sure. I guess it depends on the texture of the table. If it is a passive table I would definitely limp with a 4-flush, but if it is aggressive I might not, since your implied odds will be ruined.

-- Homer
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