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Default I am the stupidest person in the worls

Sure I read the forums, not every day, but often enough to get the general gist of what is happening, hear abotu bonuses etc etc.

so I heard about Game time plus and the heads up displays etc etc. I didn't know it was free with poker tracker and to be honest I never really thought it was for me. I was more of a bonus chaser.


Last week I found out GT++ could be downloaded via the PT site. I got around to downloading, installing and setting it up today.

and boy oh bot was I wrong,

Game time is great, I can't believe how I missed all the who har and all the advice, hints, complaints etc

and I can't believe I have been multi tabling without game time plus. I used to load up PT and use the game window in there (when I could be bothered)

So Why am I posting this

I will tell you why

If you were like me and you already had Poker Tracker, but you have not downloaded and used game time plus.

don't be a donk



it took me a while to get used to and a while to work out I could move the HUD's.

But after 3 hrs of using it, I love it

go on download it

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