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Default The Secrets of Studying Abroad

On Janurary 1st, I will be flying to Glasgow, Scotland for a semester abroad. I'm 20, don't have a serious girlfriend, and will have a deccent amount of money to blow. I've already connected with a few OOT's over there and it's clear I'm going to have the time of my life. I want to maximize all the possibities of fun, so I'm turning to OOT for nuggets of wisdom. Here is my plan thus far:

1) Drink a new kind of beer every day.
2) Try to visit a new country every weekend.
3) Travel with good friends who are studying abroad, but try to make as many new friends from different countries as possible.
4)Listen to what people think about Americans, rather then tell them anything about America.
5) Have a rough budget and try to stick to it (I'll have about 7k for travel and fun, not including tuition and accomidations)

What else should be in my plan? Obviously I'm going to try to get in bar fights and have sex with Scottish chicks.
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