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Default Lee puts his foot down

Scene: a very good Garden City 20-40. I'm up a few stacks, the game is flowing smoothly, a couple of the biggest donors have just arrived. Things are looking good.

Situation 1: "MW", a sullen, nasty, regular (and major donor) gets aces cracked for the rest of his chips. He fires his cards at the dealer, and stands up - I think to move to another seat. On his way, the floorman says something to him. I am told that he got a 30-minute "time-out" (good term to use with that kind of behavior). Anyway, he disappears for about half an hour.

Game continues, I win another stack, MW returns, buys in another $500 that is sure to make its way to the rest of us. He doesn't go ten minutes before...

Situation 2: it's MW's button. We pay a $3 button charge here. Dealer politely asks him for his button charge. He fires two chips across the table, one hits her in the chest. Dealer glares at him and tells him not to do that.

Lee finally shows some moxie. I stand up, get a couple of racks, and announce that I'm not putting up with that - they can have my action or his, but not both. I tell this in a stern voice to the floorman. Now Kathy, the shift manager, makes the mistake of being in the general area. She and I have known each other for 15 years or so, and had exchanged brief pleasantries earlier. She asks what's going on; I tell her (this is not the first "MW" story she's ever ben told).

I simply tell them that it's their cardroom and they can do what they want, but I'm not sticking around if they're going to allow that kind of behavior. Then I go to the cage (tell my friend the cashier why I'm leaving) and hit the door.

+1 "no more tolerating bullshit behavior" unit.

Regards, Lee
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