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Default Re: Visiting People in Your Sleep

Yes, those images and situations are very feeling and sometimes meaning laden, for me. They're realer than real, because they mean and evoke more than what they simply are. I can sense it; it's almost pulsating with it. Sometimes the feeling is so intense that my dream freezes in place there for what seems to be a long while, or even ends there, as if what seems like it could be random in a way was actually the whole point of the dream, and something was being revealed to me, or questioned of me. Sometimes I'm able to think quite clearly and ask myself conscious questions about these moments right in the middle of them, like, why does this mean so much to me? And sometimes I can choose to linger rather than having the focus picked out for me. But usually something emotionally evocative and revealing to me is put forth very vividly front and center, and I carry it either explicitly as a very saturated image or just as a strong feeling for hours after waking.
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