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Default Re: Visiting People in Your Sleep

I sometimes get very vivid dreams about people from the past and the feelings associated with them, and sometimes there's a feeling of longing too. Often I will get a strong lingering image from the dream, often in super-saturated colors, and sometimes the dream even freezes in place at that image for a long time. Like you, often those dreams are centered on women or little girls I knew when growing up, and I'll wake up with a strong mental picture of that girl, more clear and alive than I can picture the faces of people I see every day or have seen uncountable times. Often I get a strong feeling of the presence of old environments, too, as if one of the old houses I grew up in were practically a living character of its own and relating to me in a some unspoken way. I guess a house is a pretty strong character to a young kid. There is often a feeling of mystery to these dreams.
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