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Default Re: Peace Organizers Today: Stalinist &Maoist Affiliatiations

Well, George Bush and John Ashcroft are acting like Nazi's.
It doesn't bother you in the least bit that that the right to a rapid trial, to legal representation, and protection from illegal search and seizure have been destroyed by this petty dictator who must ask Jesus to forgive him He SWORE to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, not destroy it. The Patriot Act(and it's planned expansion)
have destroyed these rights for all American Citizens.

Attacking countries that have done no harm to this country is no different than attacking Poland in the name of defending Germans in Danzig. Smell the coffee. The USA today is not the free country that it was before the current supreme leader was appointed. I'll probably be arrested and held without bail for this post. So be it.
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