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Default Re: ***Official I Just Dominated My FFL Thread***

I technically went 12-2, though the second loss was on purpose (my starting lineup would have won) to manipulate playoff positioning to my advantage.

PWN3D both games of the playoffs en route to the title. So, my de facto record overall would be 15-1, outscoring second place by ~250 total points. Eight-team league, my late-season starting lineup was:

C. Palmer
S. Alexander
M. Anderson
M. Harrison
C. Johnson
D. Mason
L. Tynes
Chicago D

with other noteables throughout my season being D. McNabb, B. Westbrook, S. Gado, I. Bruce, Fragile Fred, B. Leftwich (picked him up after McNabb got hurt...great move that netted me nothing), A. Johnson.

Basically, though - nobody in my league came close to me all season was humiliating (for them), wire-to-wire win.

[/ QUOTE ]

throwing a game to get a better playoff matchup is really lame and unethical.
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