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Default Re: Stud 8 and questionable 6th street call?

I stick another raise in on fourth. Aces, Deuces, Eights and Sevens are all live, and you have seat seven in the middle, who wants to give you money.

I also raise fifth, since you have a board lock for low with two cards to come. This will get enough money in the pot that I'm almost certainly looking at the last card in a big pot.

Sixth, calling in a smaller pot or against a single high hand might not be prudent, but you've got two guys putting money in your half of the pot, and the low cards you need are still available. I call here.

I raise the river as well, unless there's reason to think seat six will fold if it's two bets back to him. Since he bet out, I think you can count on a call. Seat seven would have to have been playing a baby-baby-king flush draw and catch a perfect card (exactly what happened) to even have a low hand. I can't think I'm beat for low here. Seat six will probably call, and seat seven will probably re-pop with his flush, and you get to cap it. You're not scooping, but you made your hand, and you can get more money out of seat six.
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